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            RPM - Pimpex - Logo
          www www.plasticimpex.cn
          Chinese Version Contact with Pimpex@RPM, China
          Pimpex@RPM - Xiamen RPM Imp.&Exp. Co.Ltd.

          Pimpex@RPM supplies professional bicolors injection machine SZ3000DS for making fliptop caps with in-mould-changing-colors technology & in-mould-closing-caps technology which nearly double the outputs than general rotation type bicolors injection machines'.
          www www.plasticimpex.cn
          Servo Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine SE580
          Bicolors Injection Machine SZ3000DS For Fliptop Caps

          Video of Bicolors Fliptop Cap Injection Mould In-Mould-Changing-Colors_In-Mould-Closing-Caps

          Technical Datas of Bicolors Injection Machine SZ3000DS For Fliptop Caps
          INJECTION UNIT Items Unit SZ-3000DS
          A Screw B Screw
          Screw Diameter mm 65 25
          Shot Size(Theoretical) cm3 995 58.9
          Injection Weight g 905 53
          Injection Pressure MPa 176 134
          Screw Speed rpm 150 200

          Clamping Force KN 3000
          Clamping Stroke mm 590
          Space Between Tie Bars mm 610×610
          Max. Mold Height mm 750
          Min. Mold Height mm 250
          Ejector Stroke/Force mm /KN 76/140
          Number of Ejector Pins piece 9
          OTHERS Max. Pump Pressure Mpa 16
          Pump Motor Power KW 30+7.5
          Heater Power KW 22+5
          Hopper capacity Kg 50 15
          Oil Tank Capacity L 560
          Machine Dimension(L*W*H) m 7×1.75×3.2
          Machine Weight Ton 11.5
          Bicolors Injection Machine, SZ3000DS, For Making Fliptop Caps
          Bicolors Injection Machine
          For Making Fliptop Caps
          Bicolors Fliptop Caps Injection Mould, In-Mould-Changing-Colors, In-Mould-Closing-Caps
          Bicolors Fliptop Caps Injection Mould
          BiColors Fliptop Caps
          Bicolors Fliptop Caps
          Clamping System Left
          Clamping System Left
          Clamping System Right
          Clamping System Right
          Main Components
          Main Components
          Yuken Directional Valve
          Yuken Directional Valve
          Yuken Proportional Relief Valve
          Yuken Proportional Relief Valve
          Electric Control Cabinet
          Electric Control Cabinet

          Components List of Bicolors Injection Machine SZ3000DS For Fliptop Caps
          Name Brand Origin
          Reversal Hydraulic Valve YUKEN JAPAN
          Proportional Hydraulic Valve YUKEN JAPAN
          Hydraulic Oil Pump ECKERLE GERMANY
          Hydraulic Motor ZY Italy-China
          Hydraulic Hose KIMBERLEY GERMANY
          Sealing Rings VALQUA JAPAN
          Computer Control System TEHCMATION TAIWAN
          Display Screen HITACHI TAIWAN
          Linear Transducer GEFRAN ITALY
          Limit Switch National JAPAN
          Proximity Switch FORTEK TAIWAN
          Solid State Relay FORTEK TAIWAN
          Contactor SCHNEIDER FRANCE
          High-temperature Wire  

          Air-break Switch SCHNEIDER FRANCE
          Automatic Lubrication SANLANG CHINA
          Servo Motor PHASE ITALY
          Servo Driver HUNTER TAIWAN

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