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          Structure And Working Principle of Automatic Injection Blow Molding Plastic Machinery


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          Automatic Injection Blow Molding Plastic Machinery
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          Structure And Working Principle

              The Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine consists of the mechanical parts, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, cooling system and electrical control system, described as follow independently.

          1 The mechanical parts
               The mechanical parts consist of injection unit, injection mould clamping unit, blow mould clamping unit, products taking out unit and the frame etc.

          1.1 Injection Discreteness
               Injection unit (shown in Fig.2) is a single screw structure driven directly by hydraulic motor. From the hopper, the plastic resin is dropped into the channel between barrel and screw, and conveyed in the direction of the hot runner with the revolving of screw. In the course of the conveyance, the plastic resin is changed to a melting state by electrical heating and shearing heat of itself, and stored in front of screw. When injection is needed, the control system gaves an instruction to control the quantitative forming injection of the preform. According to molding technology, the injection can be done once or twice separately. Also, this injection system has function of the screw back and nozzle sealing.

          1.2 Injection mould clamping unit
               This unit (shown in Fig.3) consists of four cylinders for the injection mould clamping. On the top of unit, there is another hydraulic cylinder for the core of injection mould in and out.

          1.3 Blow mould clamping unit
               This unit (shown in Fig.4) basically consists of two same hydraulic cylinders with gear and rack as their synchronizer to complete the opening and closing of the blow moulds. You can obtain the different shapes products just by replacing the blow moulds to meet the market.

          1.4 Products taking out unit
               This unit (shown in Fig.5) is to take out the products with unrod air cylinder and the products sideslip to drop down by another air cylinder.

          1.5 The frame unit
               It includes the frame of Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine, operating plate and oil tank. The oil level and temperature indicator are fixed on one side of the tank.

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