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          Components List of Automatic Injection Blow Molding Plastic Machines

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          IBM Machines' Components List

          PLC Japan Mitsubishi
          Analog/Digital (A/D) Converter Japan Mitsubishi
          Touch Screen Eview
          Displacement Sensor 500mm, 200mm, 175mm Miran
          Proximity Sensor NPN Autonics
          Auto Breaker Merlin Gerlin
          Contactor Schneider
          Thermal Overload Relay Schneider
          Temperature Controller Omron
          Transformer AC/AC Selfmade
          Power Amplifying Driver Valves Selfmade
          Panel for The Valves Transformer Panel Selfmade
          Regulated Power AC/DC Supply Panel Selfmade
          Proportional Amplifying Panel Japan Yuken
          Oil Pump & All Hydraulic Valves Japan Yuken
          Sealed Rings England Hallite or Japan Nok
          Pneumatic Triple Part, Non Rod Cylinder Japan SMC
          Pneumatic Cylinder, Air Valve Japan SMC
          Injection Mould Parts (Screwed Mouth Parts, Cavity Die) Germany 2738 Mould Steel
          Inserted Core, Blow Mould Parts Germany 2316 Mirror Die Steel

          Technical Data of Automatic Injection Blow Molding Plastic Machines

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