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            RPM - Pimpex - Logo
          www www.plasticimpex.cn
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          Pimpex@RPM - Xiamen RPM Imp.&Exp. Co.Ltd.

          Pimpex Plastic supplies 3D EBM Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery for making TPEE/TPV/Nylon automotive/car air ducts, hoses, tubes, pipes.
          www www.plasticimpex.cn
          Video of 3D EBM Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
          for TPEE Automotive Air Ducts

          3D EBM Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery K3D85/1000
          3D EBM Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery K3D85/1000
          for Making Automotive/Car TPEE/TPV/Nylon Air Ducts, Pipes, Hoses, Tubes
          TPEE Inlet Air Pipes, TPEE Intake Tubes
          Automobile Air Ducts, Air Pipes, Inlet Air Pipes, Intake Tubes Automobile TPEE Air Duct, TPEE CVJ Boot, TPV Dust Cover

          This modern 3D EBM Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery K3D85/1000 is specially designed for automotive TPEE air ducts, which could make out the finished air ducts without flashes. If by traditional 3D blowing process, there might be 3-5 times weights of flashes.

          This modern 3D EBM Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery K3D85/1000 adopts X-Y-Z three axises moving structure, controlled by high precise servo system with accurate positioning and quick response as the extrusion diehead moves upwards and downwards (Z direction), the extrusion diehead moves back and forth (Y direction) and the moldplate moves left and right (X direction). Plus 15" touch screen Germany BECKHOFF 300 points wall thickness control system, the finished automotive air ducts (automotive air pipes, automotive inlet air pipes, automotive intake tubes) have even wall thickness.


          Technical Datas of 3D EBM Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery

          Model: K3D85/1000
          Screw Diameter: 85mm
          Length/Diameter L/D Ratio: 26:1
          Plasticizing Capacity: 85kgs/hr
          Extrusion Power: 30kW
          Screw Barrel's Heating Power: 18kW(3 Sections)
          Diehead's Heating Power: 4.5kW
          Oil Pump's Motor Power: 18.5kW
          Mold Open Distance: 300-900mm
          Max. Mold Width*Height: 500*800mm
          Storage Capacity: 1000ml
          Max. Diameter of Automotive Air Duct: 150mm
          Clamping Force: 120kN
          Working Pressure: 4-6bars
          Machine Sizes: 3.9x2.8x2.8Om
          Total Rated Power: 59.5kW

          Components List of 3D EBM Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery

          1. ADT-CNC4620 Lathe Digital System, Computer Control X-Y Directions
          2. Germany BECKHOFF High Grade Control Computer, 300 Points Wall Thickness Control via 15" Touch Screen
          3. Delta Frequency Inverter, Japan Fuji Contactors
          4. 20CrMnTi High Strength Alloy Steel, Harden Teeth Reduction Gearbox
          5. Screw and Barrel adopts excellent 38CrMOALA nitriding steel with nitrided surfaces, fully meet with the batch production requirements of TPV, TPEE materials.
          6. Italy Atos hydraulic reversing valves, Atos high performances servo valves
          7. Imported HIWIN linear guideway.

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